"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world." - Albert Einstein


Neon bars' mission is to create an atmosphere that enables you to remove yourself from routine and to embrace a state of mind that is responsive and open for creative imagination.

In order to connect with yourself, heal your beautiful self and be open for personal advancements, we propose to try a meditative bathing ritual. Let the color and perfume of your perfume bar play with the sound of water in concert with your senses. Smelling a scent can help you leave your ordinary course and set your imagination free.

Neon bars creates colorful, plant-based and eco-friendly soap bars with bespoke European fragrances in artisan handmade quality that appeal both to the conscious person and the individual looking for a luxurious experience.

We would like to inspire the individual to rediscover the benefits of soap bars in combining environmental awareness with luxury and quality. Soap bars are more economical, practical, and produce less waste.



Our soap base is 100% vegan and plant-based, including the glycerin which is 100% vegetable glycerin. Neon bars' perfume bars are rich in oils, butters, plant extracts and essential oils. We added colors and fragrances to some of our soaps. We understand that everyone has moments that require neutrality; therefore, we created the "took my first bath" soap bar that has neither perfume nor color to make it perfect for sensitive moments or individuals with sensitive noses. 

Neon bars’ fragrances are sourced from the world’s best perfumers; such as the ones in Grasse in Southern France, a little town regarded as the world’s capital of perfume.


Scent & Memories

Scent and memories are uniquely connected. The sense of smell (olfaction) and our emotions are both located in the limbic system, a complex network of neural structures. Only the sense of smell has direct access to the limbic system that processes emotions.

Only a hint of an once-familiar scent is required to transport you back to a different time and place reliving the emotions of that past moment as realistically as if no time had passed. Maybe you go back to your grandmother’s kitchen, your first romance, or the fascination of a faraway place.

Often you say, this scent reminds me of… and if not, well … then there is maybe a dream.


Meditation & Individuality

There is not a more private time than the time you spend in the shower in preparation for an exciting day or at the end of an eventful day. This is the time you take to wash and reset and get back to yourself, alone with your soap and thoughts.

Cleaning is a ritual for many people and such an important and special part of the day, it should include high quality soaps that stimulate and calm the senses. This experience should make you feel better to be able to concentrate your energy on your life and the wonderful people in it.

In the same way how scents are connected with memories and the feelings associated with these memories, you can train your brain in meditation to make associations with new scents. If you want to be happier, feel more powerful or confident, you can introduce a scent in your bathing ritual the help you feel this way.




Neon bars' mission is not only to “soap the people”, but also to “soap the globe”. We are committed to inspire our employees and customers to appreciate nature’s gifts as we believe that every person and company should contribute in preserving nature’s resources.

Our packaging is 100 percent made of certified compostable and marine biodegradable material from US manufacturers.

We donate 5 percent of profits from all beauty bars to organizations that clean oceans and nature from pollution. We are dedicated to organize initiatives that “soap the neighborhoods” from waste. I hope companies like ours, inspire others to be thankful and fight for our planet. Do you have or know an admirable organization that should be supported? Please email us at team@neon-bars.com. Help us allocate our donations!


Welcome to neon bars!

Take a moment to breathe in and come with us on a scented journey.


Soap the Globe!