TRY IT - Travel Pack of 5 - Choose any 5 soaps!

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Beautiful and colorful soap bars handmade in Brussels with bespoke perfumes from the world renowned perfumers in Grasse, France.

You are not sure what scent to get? No problem! Choose any 5 soaps in our practical travel size pack!

Each soap has a short description of the feeling and primary notes of each perfume.

The default selection are the 5 best sellers, in case you'd like a suggestion.

Enjoy a relaxing and heavenly perfumed shower without the use of ANY PLASTICS in the packaging. Help our planet without compromising on quality by switching to neon soap bars. 



No code is needed for this product! The 50% discount is already applied! 

Why are we doing this incredible offer? Because we know you'll love it!

The power of the sense of smell and its unique connection to emotions and memories, enable perfumes to help us leave our ordinary course and to embrace a state of mind that is responsive and open for creative imagination. Find your focus and define your goals with this meditative experience!

We would be happy to receive your feedback to be able to create the best products fitted to your memories or vision! Share your experience!



Cruelty Free
Soap base 100% vegan and plant-based
You soap and we donate 5% of profits to organizations that save our planet. Every soap counts!
Our packaging is certified compostable and marine biodegradable (incl. shipping materials)




Curious to read more? Take a look at the descriptions of each individual soap bar with the links below:


     Black Forest

     Dead Sea






     Key West


     New York

     Ivory Coast




     Valley of Flowers








     Mediterranean Sea

     Venice Beach

     Costa Rica


     Milky Way





     Took my first bath

     Shampoo bar - wash off the day

   Shampoo bar - start with a fresh mind

Other Details
Weight: 6.00 Ounces
Additional weight information: 6 ounces is the total weight of all 5 soaps
Directions: Massage the perfume bar in your wet hands or directly onto your body until you have a thick lather. The more you massage, the creamier your lather is. After rinsing and drying yourself, you can enjoy clean, moisturized and slightly perfumed skin.
Care: We recommend storing the perfume bars on a soap dish and let them dry between usage.
Handmade in Belgium
Please see ingredients of each chosen soap bar on the specific page of the soap bar.


5 Average based on 13 reviews Write a Review
Written by Dylan on Jun 23rd 2021

Great perfumes and feeling

I ordered 5 different soaps and they all smell amazing! I especially like the Dead Sea Bar because the mud is exfoliating the skin. I loved how my skin smelled after the shower. I can highly recommend!

Written by David on Jun 23rd 2021

Fantastic product

I just received my package yesterday and the product is fantastic! It does wonders to the skin! I enjoyed showering very much and the skin was clean and smelled fresh afterwards.

Written by Mariah on Jun 12th 2021

My new favorite thing

I was thinking about trying these soaps for a while, I’m so glad I finally did now! Fragrances are fantastic and the skin feels soft and moisturized after using them. My whole family started buying them after they smelled them in my bathroom.

Written by Carla on Jun 12th 2021

Love them!

These soaps are so pretty and nice smelling! Each time I walk in the bathroom I smell the perfume! It gives the bathroom a special extra. The feel on the skin is great. High quality soaps! I will purchase again.

Written by Carolina on Jun 12th 2021

This soap smells amazing!

This soap smells amazing! Was absolutely thrilled with the look, feel, texture, and the smell. Getting soap that leaves you feeling refreshed without leaving your skin too dry is a necessity. We bought the Maui and Dead Sea and can’t not wait to try out the rest! Will absolutely be re-purchasing time and time again.

Written by Steve on Jun 12th 2021

Treat yourself

I received five bars of soap, Vermont, Havana, Dead Sea, Key West and Paris. I have tried Vermont and Havana for thus far and love them (Havana is my FAV!) I work out at the gym and run hard everyday and I love the smell and feeling I get when I shower with my neon bars! It refreshes me and relaxes me at the same time. I plan on trying a few other scents to determine my go to smells, but rest assured Havana will always be in my shower!

Written by Sebastian on Jun 12th 2021

Great product

I got this soap for my girlfriend, but ended up using it myself too. Great quality and fragrances! I would highly recommend.

Written by Paula on Jun 11th 2021

100% recommended

Very good product, nice smell. It leaves your skin hydrated and leaves you relaxed. I think its a great price and I 100% recommend this line of products. I'm already waiting for the other ones I just purchased. The shipping was safe and fast, it even arrivied earlier than the date stated.

Written by Anna on Jun 11th 2021

Amazing scent and feeling on the skin

I just got this soap from my friend as a gift. I absolutely love it. The scent is calming, basically like smelling on a lavender plant. It lathers well and I like the feeling of it on the skin. The soap leaves the skin clean and smelling beautifully. It looks beautiful in the bathroom and I also love the fact that it is environmentally friendly. My new favorite! My bathroom smells like a lavender field after I take a shower. I can highly recommend this soap!

Written by Ambar on Jun 11th 2021

Can’t live without it!

This soap is really something special! I love the Key West and I really enjoy the orange blossom smell. It's refreshing and invigorating, a perfect wake-me-up in the morning shower! The soap is also very well balanced and doesn't leave a film. It's moisturizing and smooth on the skin, it doesn't leave any residue on the skin. I've been using this for a few weeks now and I plan to stick with it. This is hands down one of the best soaps in the market. Worth the investment!